Short Walks around Tadcaster

A selection of easy walks from 2 to 4 miles in the town and countryside immediately around Tadcaster. The walks follow public footpaths and permissive paths.

Tadcaster Bridge is now open.

1 : Inholmes Lane and the River Bank

A pleasant walk of two and a half miles involves the fields to the west of Tadcaster, then down to the river and back along the bank to Tadcaster. There are many interesting points : the Ark in Kirkgate; the Sunday School, the view towards Smaws; the riverbank where you may see otters; a mysterious tunnel; Tadcaster viaduct; the Motte and Bailey Castle and finally St Mary's Church.

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2 : The Old Coach Road and Woodhouse Farm

This longer walk of about four miles takes you into the countryside to the north-east of Tadcaster towards Catterton. Wildlife can be spotted in the quieter part of the walk including deer, rabbits, hares and stoats, with many birds in the woods and sky. You have to walk quietly though !.

You can shorten this route by following a permissive path at Woodhouse Farm.

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3 : Ouston and Oxton Farms

A walk of three miles in the countryside to the east of Tadcaster. Things to spot : the Quaker cemetery near Oxton Lane, the rare breed of cattle at Oxton Farm and a view of Oxton Hall. The path along the the track near Oxton Hall is a permissive path and not a public footpath: follow the signs.

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4 : Oxton Hall

At two miles this is the shortest walk, which takes you to through the grounds of Oxton Hall using a permissive path: follow the signs. When returning to Tadcaster along York Road, there is another permissive path running through the woodland on the side of the road.

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5 : Stutton and Brant Lane

A two mile walk with a hill!. Starting at the shops in Stutton Road a path takes you along the old railway line and into the village of Stutton. A climb up Brant Lane leads to a fine view of Stutton and Tadcaster. Go a little further to visit the cross on Chantry Lane and then return back to the starting point down the "Old London Road", at one time the main road from London to York in the 17th and early 18th centuries.

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